Executive Perspectives

To ensure the goal of our cooperation, in addition to the existing policies to improve the rationalization and automation, comprehensive quality control system, special product development, employee productivity, reduce costs, increase profits, and to enhance the followings:
(1) To complete of real-time inventory system to reduce inventory costs
(2) To strengthen the existing network of domestic and overseas sales, directly grasp of the customer demand and status
(3) To continue improving the degree of automation of production, shorten delivery time, in order to gain the competitive advantage in the market
(4) To promote the industrial upgrading and actively involved in new product development and invested in the latest equipment
(5) To enhance staff education and training, implement rationalized and humanistic management

Quality Control

At Taiwan Shulin, customer satisfacation has always been our top priority; therefore, We have committed to enhance our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) in order to obtain another certification: (IATF) 16949 standard in 2018.

  1. Quality Control Guideline - Compliant with 16949 certification process; Improve product quality
    • Compliant with environmental regulations
    • Conduct 6S education
    • Enhance QCD production performance
    • Improve customer satisfacation

  2. Quality Control Objectives -- None of our customers receiving non-conforming products
    • (For month 1~3, the goal is to ensure that none of our customers receive non-conforming products)
    • (For month 1~6, the goal is to rectify the source of any potentional defect)
    • (For month 1~12, the goal is to achieve customer satisfacation)

  3. Quality Improvement Planning -- Ensure customer satisfacation
    • Start IATF 16949 standard application process and improve the quality of overall organization - Target: IATF 16949 certificed in 2018
    • Timely reply to customer complaints - Target:100%(3 Days: 3D / 2 Weeks: 8D)
    • Total number of customer complaints - Target: Stage 1 <8 Stage 2 <6 Stage 3 <4
    • Delivery Rate Reached - Target:= 100%
    • Delivery KPI - Target: Subject to actual condition

  4. Specific Implementation -- Ensure the achievement of each KPI
    • Conduct the training on defect detection, prevention and solution (5W2H)
    • Compile the complaints of year 2017 and compare with the performance of new solution
    • Analyze each KPI and discuss the solution for improvement